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While the principles of sustainable development are an integral part of our work, we develop and support actions that have as their sole objective to advance in concrete and specific achievements. That is why today our efforts are focused on the #QueremosParque campaign; a citizen initiative that seeks the creation of a national park in the previous Colorado and Olivares tax estates in Cajón del Maipo - Chile.

We invite you to know more about the campaign and support it by signing the petition to the President of the Republic. HERE.

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The property of Río Colorado was recently returned by the Chilean Army to the Ministry of National Property. This property added to the National Protected Property Rio Olivares make up the great fiscal territory of 142,000 ha.


These are the last public lands of Metropolitan Region and the central area of Chile, and we want them to be protected and open for the use of all the Chileans.


The scenic beauty of the valleys of both rivers, surrounded of high peaks and glaciers, surprises, and by its proximity to Santiago, has the potential to be a park that identifies us as a world capital of nature & outdoor tourism. 

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