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Valdivia Rural Tourism Meeting

In 2017 and 2018 we collaborate with Municipality of Valdivia in the search and coordination of exhibitors for the Valdivia Rural Tourism Meeting.


In 2017 we coordinate the exhibitions of Antonio del Rosal, touristic entrepreneur with 20 years of experience in adventure tourism and director of Experiencias Geniunas, who travelled from Mexico to share his paper "Design of the experience and marketing of the point of visit of the rural offer, connection with the market" and of Ricardo Hernandez, General Manager of Mountain Lodges of Perú who work with more than 20 Native Communities in the Alto areas and who addressed the paper "Inclusive business model with the rural community and quality concepts in the rural world".


The next year (2018) we coordinate the exhibitions of Mauricio Miramontes from La Mano del Mono, who travelled from Chiapas, Mexico to share his experience in the development of rural community tourism and the one of Ignacio Rodríguez, Chilean who shared his experience in birdwatching and nature expeditions as opportunities to the Rural Tourism in Los Ríos region.


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