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The value principles of REGENERA are based on the commitment of their founders and collaborators to promote sustainable tourism development in Chile and the Latin-American region, either through community projects or personal enterprises, which in turn allow to know and protect the natural and cultural surroundings.

At the same time, we consider it necessary to give a deeper look and understand that it is not enough to observe the future and dream with a balanced tourism, but we also must look back and be responsible about the unfortunate touristic management, the damage dealt to earth and to our own cultural heritage.


In consequence is that we propose a regenerative touristic development as a basis for the national and Latin-American touristic progress, which give value to the nature "we left" and the nature we have lost. We propose a tourism conscious about the damage that the industry have generated, but above all a tourism that is conscious, responsible, and sensitive to the future challenges, with awareness about the damage caused and the determination to REGENERATE.

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